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Constructive Criticism on how I portray Pinkie Pie!

Please and thank you!
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Pinkie will feel pretty down in the dumps about a lot of things:

1. Remembering what a jerk she was to her friends during the AU event (Dec 15th is when Pinkie was affected)
2. Greed making her realize that Chammy may leave her for another Special Someone
3. Sharpay, Luna, Reno (although there is a new one but he doesn't remember her.) all left. Her BFF and her pseudo big brother...who doesn't know her!

There is far too much sadness in one go.
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Pinkie continues to grow as the seasons progress in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. We see that Pinkie can handle responsibilities and is quite good at doing them. She's Ponyville's best babysitter, the best at making people happy (even though she'll still flummox up her plan a little on the way to her goal), but not always the best when it comes to her own self confidence.

She's still that little kid from a rock farm that had no friends and is very afraid of losing friends and being made fun of for being, well, Pinkie Pie. Discord had originally exposed that fear within her, but with the power of FRIENDSHIP, Pinkie persevered and kicked that fear in the butt!!

Although Pinkie is mature enough to handle all of that, she's still immature, shown in how she deals with Princess Luna coming back. To Pinkie, it was all just fun and games and a regular Nightmare Night. But she's still a genius. And sometimes a chicken. She still doesn't have good table manners, but she's come a long way with using utensils. She also tends to stretch herself thin (or clones herself) in order to be in her friend's lives. There goes that sense of doubt again! It didn't help that Fluttershy made fun of her parties. But when it comes down to her friends, Pinkie always does what she can to please them. When she makes a big mistake, it may take some time for her to own up to her mistakes, but she finds a way to make it right while feeling extremely guilty about it.

In conclusion, Pinkie Pie has the best of friends, and will always be there for them. Through thick jam and thin pudding! Through high tides and low tables! With or without an eyepatch!

Other miscellaneous points:

-very good haggler
-hides eyepatches everywhere, along with balls
-finds things miraculously after everyone else has searched tirelessly (unless it's top secret)
-Pinkie is more mature than people realize, even if she doesn't always realize it herself.
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Limit Break can be used when at least two people in the group have the zombie effect. Because zombies like cupcakes and partying too.

Level 1: She leaps up and tosses out cupcakes, which give HP damage (base damage of 350HP per cupcake) when hit, be it friend or foe (because Pinkie is unpredictable like that.)

Level 2: Confetti blast is an aura tha's super sparkly and colorful, which causes the following affects
    Friends: gives 3 out of 4 of Regen, Protect, Haste, and Shell. Always gives Esuna by default.

    Foes: causes 3 out of 4 statuses: Slow, Break, Silence and Zombie, while dealing Thundara damage (base of 100HP damage)

Should be noted that this drains Pinkie of her own HP to do all this. A little over 60% of her HP is used up trying to glitter bomb people.

Level 3: Somehow, someway, music plays and disco lights flash as she break dances, which is just a disguise for Drain. All foes get 45% of their HP stolen and goes to her. As a result, she is silenced and cannot attack for three turns. She also stays in defense mode for two of those turns.
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First Dear Mun Post


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